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Therapeutic Horseback Riding


We have five, 5 – 9 week therapeutic riding sessions throughout the year: Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall, & Holiday.  

Riders meet once a week at the scheduled day and time.

All lessons at Reins are taught by our experienced PATH Intl. Certified Instructors. We are able to work with a wide range of disabilities.

      Common diagnoses include (but are not limited to):

Autism, ADD/ADHD, Reactive Attachment Disorder, Cerebral Palsy, PTSD, Anxiety, Depression, ODD, Ambulatory/Orthopedic Challenges, Down Syndrome.


Prospective riders can contact us without a referral from a physician

or therapist. Prospective riders/Rider families will be provided with

ROL information and the required forms. Once all forms are completed

prospective participants undergo a rider assessment conducted by a

Certified Instructor to determine appropriate class placement.


Evaluation includes choosing a suitable horse

(size, gait, and temperament), assessment of rider’s need for adaptive

equipment and volunteer support (type of support –thigh hold,

ankle hold, number of volunteers, personality – calm, energetic,

chatty, outgoing, calm, quiet) and type of class.



We offer 3 types of classes:

Private – (30 min, 1 rider) PATH Intl. standards require 2-3 year olds & as dictated by rider’s needs determined by Instructor during evaluation.

  1. Semi-private – (45 min, 2 riders) PATH standards required 4-5 year olds & as dictated by rider’s needs determined by Instructor during evaluation.

  2. Group – (60 min, 3-6 riders) Available for 6 years old through adults. 


      Once an applicant is accepted in the program, therapeutic goals are established and progress is documented. Therapeutic riding lessons are planned with the individual’s educational, physical, social and recreational goals in mind. To the extent of their abilities, riders participate in pre-mounted and post-mounted horse care. Lesson activities may include developing basic riding skills, exercises, games and riding the trails.

             Rider Benefits


  • Improved muscle control

  • Increased balance and strength

  • Improved cardio-respiratory function


  • Increased concentration and memory

  • Improved basic learning skills

  • Improved communication skills


  • Improved self-esteem, discipline and courage

  • Improved interpersonal relationships

Per Rider Per Week




Financial assistance is available on an as-needed basis. Forms may be requested through the office. Please read the Reins of Life Class Cancellation Policy & Seasonal Weather Restrictions & Guidelines.

Eligibility Guidelines:


We follow PATH Intl. standards and adhere to their list of precautions and contraindications in assessing applicant’s eligibility.

Summary of ROL policies for accepting riders:

  • Rider with a documented diagnosis/disability.

  • Minimum age: 2 years old (no upper age limit).

  • Maximum Weight: 180 lbs. (Participants over this weight are invited to participate in un-mounted activities).

  • 6 months free of grand mal and/or drop down seizures.

Next Session:


Fall Session Begins

September 5th, 2023


One Hour


45 Minutes


30 Minutes

Winter Session

Feb 12 - Mar 23

Fall Session

Aug 26 - Oct 19

Spring Session

Apr 15 - May 25

Holiday Session

Nov 4 -Dec 14

Summer Session

Jun 10 - Aug 13

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