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A Variety of Donations are Accepted:

  • Cash

  • Supplies or Labor

  • Horses/Ponies

  • Wish-list Items

  • Auction Items for ROL Events

A Message from Dr. Mark and Carla Meekhof:

Carla and I have a very special place in our hearts for Reins of Life. We were fortunate enough to be introduced to the program 16 years ago and quickly involved our daughter, Kelsey. Kelsey had cerebral palsy and was wheelchair bound. It is hard to express the sense of accomplishment and joy that Reins of Life provided Kelsey until her untimely passing 5 years ago. The staff was warm and welcoming from the very beginning and the special bond she had with her horses and volunteers was just incredible. Now, since Kelsey has left us, we keep Kelsey's memory alive by continuing to raise funds for the program and telling everyone we know how special a place Reins of Life is. It is an organization that is more than worthy of your support either by volunteering, donating or fundraising. Help us keep this wonderful program vibrant and growing in the Michiana community. 

Thank you.

Host an Event

Many area groups host fund-raising events for Reins of Life. Some examples include motorcycle rides, chili or spaghetti suppers, and rummage sales.

Barn Raising April 2006 003.jpg

Capital Project Matching Grant

We reached our goal of raising $75,000!

With matching grant we have $150,000 to make necessary improvements and expansions to the Reins of Life facility. 

Stay tuned for updates!



1) By Check

2) By Credit Card

Please make checks out to Reins of Life, Inc.

Checks can be mailed to:

 55200 Quince Rd.         -Or-          9375 W. 300 N

South Bend, IN 46619            Michigan City, IN 46360

The Reins of Life Team can process your request via phone. Give our South Bend office a call M-F.

3) Through PayPal

PayPal ButtonPayPal Button

4) Appreciated Stock

Appreciated Stock & Mutual Funds can be transferred as a donation to Reins of Life, Inc. Please Contact us via email if additional information is needed for your transfer. 

5) An IRA Gift

Donors over age 70½ can transfer IRA assets directly from their IRA.  Such transfers count toward the donor’s required minimum distribution. They will not be included in the donor’s income.  Because IRA contributions were never taxed in the first place, they do not qualify for a charitable deduction. Contact your IRA plan administrator to initiate a transfer.

6) Charitable Gift Annuities

With a minimum amount of $10,000, this traditional annuity  you can exchange a lump sum of cash or appreciated stock for a fixed guaranteed income for life. After you pass away, remaining funds will be invested at Reins of Life. Contact your financial advisor.

7) Charitable Bequests

A bequest can be be designated to Reins. Contact your financial advisor. 

8) Retirement Assests

Name the local community foundation (Community Foundation of Saint Joseph County, Porter County Community Foundation and Unity Foundation of La Porte County) as a beneficiary in your will and then name Reins of Life as the specific fund within the Foundation.

9) Life Insurance Policy

There are three options for donating life insurance policies.

10) Charitable Lead Trust

Make a donation to Reins of life and select how much will be given and for how long. At the end of that time, the remaining balance will be given back to you or given to a designated person. Charitable Lead Trust can be established with local community foundation (Community Foundation of Saint Joseph County, Porter County Community Foundation and Unity Foundation of La Porte County).

11) Charitable Remainder Trust

Make an irrevocable donation to Reins of Life who will then distribute an annual income to the beneficiary for a specified amount of time. After the end of the distribution period, the remaining balance will be distributed to Reins of Life.

12) Donor Fund Grant

You may use distributable amounts from your donor-advised fund at the local Community Foundation to make grants to Reins of Life.

13) Sponsor A Rider

         $200/session    -or-     $1000/year

You can help by sponsoring a rider for a session or even a year. Reins of Life will match sponsors with riders and provide them with pictures, stories, and progress notes or your and your rider can remain anonymous.

14) Sponsor A Horse


At Reins, our horses are not only therapeutic partners, but very special animals with unique needs. ROL horses give us their very best and deserve the very best.

How Can I Donate Now?

Special Projects & Drives

Alex Price Memorial Scholarship Fund

Help support Reins of Life riders directly in memorial of Alexandra Price. Scholarship funds are distributed to rider families in need of fee support. You can help bring a smile to someone face just like Alex did. Contribute through "Donate Now" options below.

Kelsey Marie Meekhof Memorial Fund

Kelsey was a rider for many years and will always be a part of Reins of Life. Through Kelsey's endowment fund her and her family will always be a part of improving lives at Reins of Life. Click here to donate through CFSJC. 

If you have a new creative fundraising idea or would like to donate through another avenue not mention above; contact the ROL Team via email.

IRS 990 form and/or Independently audited/reviewed Financial Statements are available upon request. Email .

*Re-printed with permission

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