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Take the Lead Workshop


Time: TBA

Reins of Life - Michigan City

Horses that are well rounded and present with acceptable behaviors are crucial to any Equine-Assisted Activity & Therapy program.  We depend on our equine partners to be able to service our program participants in a manner that is safe, fun, and provides the well rounded therapies they require.  Gaits of Change offers various training techniques to assist with problematic behaviors so that your equine partners can become a dependable, safe, and trusted member of your program.

"Taking The Lead" is an innovative teaching method for horse handling that teaches the Leading Method.  Horse handlers in every industry are able to establish a safe, controlled leading system without the use of restrictive devices of any kind.  The horses learn to trust you and know what is expected of them through clear direction that is given when teaching the horse to take a position beside you.  You are able to develop a partnership with your equine that results in trust.

"Take The Lead" can teach any horse and human combination how to lead with courage and respect.  This system lays the foundation to create a wonderful partnership with your equine.  Anyone with our without horse experience can be successful, safe, and accomplished once they are taught how to "Take The Lead".

Additional Benefits

  • Horses learn desirable behaviors through desensitizing methods

  • Promotes a less stressful environment for the horse

  • Volunteer Training becomes easy and successful for everyone

Event is FREE for Reins of Life Volunteers and $20 for the public. 

Send us a quick message to let us know you're attending. 

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