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The primary responsibility of a sidewalker is to maintain constant safety awareness, while providing physical and motivational support to the rider. As part of being a class volunteer, sidewalkers and horse leaders work together to prepare for class; i.e. bringing in horses and pregrooming. During a year, we have five sessions (Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall, and Holiday). Each sessions consists of 5-9 weeks. Your commitment would be a minimum of 1.5 hours on the day and time you are scheduled during the session.

We hold lessons:

Monday - Friday, Class Times Vary ||  Saturdays 9 am – 2 pm.​

Responsibilities and expectations:

  • Should arrive at least 15-20 minutes before scheduled lesson

  • Responsible for the safety of the rider at all times

  • Assist rider in grooming and tacking prior to lesson, untacking and giving horse treats after the lesson

  • Secure the rider on the horse according to the needs of the rider

  • Assist leader as necessary

Qualification and requirements:

  • Minimum age of 13

  • Reliable, trustworthy, self-motivated

  • Must attend ROL Volunteer Training

  • Should be able to walk fast and jog intermittently during class

  • Take direction from the instructor(s) at all times to insure the safety of the rider

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