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PATH Advanced Instructor Cert.
isntru4PATH Advanced Instructor Cert
PATH Advanced Instructor Cert.
PATH Advanced Instructor Cert.

PATH Interactive Vaulting Workshop 

Reins of Life, Inc. - Michigan City

May 12 -15, 2023

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​The Vaulting Workshop allows the PATH Intl. faculty to walk, trot and canter you through the basics of interactive vaulting. Activities include proper lunging technique and appropriate tack, ground exercises, barrel work and group oriented activities both on and off the horse.


Daily interactive vaulting sessions led by the workshop faculty provide examples of therapeutic interactive vaulting lessons as well as an opportunity for the participants to experience interactive vaulting for themselves. Student groups may also be brought in for demonstration.


Come prepared to be active as participants learn a variety of activities to promote interaction, creativity, awareness and memory, and incorporate these into lesson planning and development. Basic vaulting movements will be taught with an emphasis on safety, spotting and determining when a student is ready to attempt movements on a moving horse. Training and selection of the interactive vaulting horse will be discussed. Interactive activities occur on, around and off the horse and barrel, with opportunities for feedback during all practice. This workshop is a requirement for the PATH Intl. Interactive Vaulting Instructor Certification.

Faculty: Sandy Webster and Amy Causey


Workshop Audit Only: $175

I.V. Workshop Only: $475

I.V. Certification Only: $425

I.V. Workshop & Certification: $825

I.V. Workshop Audit & Certification: $550

Contact: Amanda Bubb

(219) 874-7519

This activity is made possible, in part, with support from the Community Foundation of St. Joseph County

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