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Nuzzles and Snuggles

This program expands our Mini-Horse Visitation Program. Research indicates that human/animal interaction is an effective strategy to combat depression, high blood pressure, and heart disease. The program is specially designed for aging adults, particularly adults diagnosed with the following: Alzheimer’s Disease and other forms of dementia, Autism, MS, Parkinson’s Disease, and other physical or mental challenges. Participants from various organizations and facilities come to our barn to engage in unmounted, equine-assisted activities. By having the program at our facility we can conduct a variety of activities and tailor them to each participant. Activities for the 90-minute gatherings are structured through a cooperative effort of Reins staff and that of the participating facility.


Possibilities include:  

  • Horse grooming

  • Leading

  • Bathing

  • Reading to a horse

  • Farm-related crafts

  • Memory activities

  • Fishing

  • Feeding the ducks

  • And many nuzzles and snuggles from our equine staff

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