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Lynn Carbone

Office Assistant

Lynn started volunteering with ROL by answering a ‘volunteer needed’ ad posted in the South Bend Tribune back in 2007ish.  She has served many years as a Rehabilitation Registered Nurse so serving the riders of ROL felt like an extension of that calling. Her love of horses started as a teen while in Girl Scouts. Here at Reins, she side walked with riders, lead and groomed horses, and mucked stalls and the arena.  Her son and grandsons have also come and served at special events. Transitioning into retirement from a lengthy nursing career, she began assisting Chris in the office with a variety of tasks.


This past fall Dorota asked her to help with the additional task of bookkeeping and by January hired her to continue to support her and Chris and other duties as assigned. She is amazed at the development of the different programs over the years and loves to hear and see the success stories of our riders!

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