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Horse leaders are in control of the horses from the time horses come to the barn for scheduled activities, thorough the lessons, and return to the stall or pasture. As part of being a class volunteer, leaders and sidewalkers work together to prepare for class; i.e. bringing in horses and pregrooming. The leader may need to steer a horse without making the riders/participants feel that they are simply passengers. During a year we have 5 sessions (Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall; Holiday). Each session lasts 5 – 9 weeks.

Your commitment would be a minimum of 1.5 hr on the day and time you are scheduled during the session.


We hold lessons:

Monday - Friday, Class Times Vary ||  Saturdays 9 am – 2 pm.​

Qualification and requirements:

  • Minimum age of 13

  • Reliable, trustworthy, self-motivated

  • Must have experience with horses

  • Must attend ROL Volunteer Training

  • Must have prior experience as ROL side-walker

  • Must be approved by ROL Instructor

Responsibilities and expectations:

  • Should arrive at least 20-30 minutes before scheduled lesson

  • Responsible for retrieving and returning horse

  • Responsible for control of the horse prior, during class, and after the lesson, to insure the safety of the rider

  • Take direction from the instructor(s) at all times to insure the safety of the rider

Horse Leaders

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