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Date of Birth: 2007

Size/Breed: 32-inch Miniature Mediterranean Donkey

Served Since: 2010

Donor: Tom Bryant

Sponsor: Michigan City Community Enrichment Corporation

In 2010, a spunky little donkey joined the Reins of Life herd. Domino is a 16-year-old miniature donkey standing at 32-inches tall. Domino has become an integral part of our Miniature Visitation Program, and children and adults of all ages can’t help but smile when he “talks” to them. In addition, he is frequently used to assist in unmounted equine activities. He is patient and kind with all of our students, but the staff learned the hard way not to take his halter off! After water skiing through the mud and face planting a few times, Amanda and Holly made a new rule: You take it off, YOU put it back on!

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