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Braelyn Troup 

Equine Cares Coordinator (SB) 

I started at Reins as a rider when I was 8 years old, and Holly was the one who advanced my riding further than what I could've imagined. When I turned 13, I began to volunteer for my little brother. Then I volunteered for a couple other kids who rode Ace, my beloved pony. I also became a feeder when I turned 16, learning how the horses were taken care of outside of grooming. In early 2020, Holly took me out of the riders' program, and I became a horse buddy. I am still a horse buddy now, my main horses being Ace and Shadow. These two horses are the most misunderstood, but all they want is attention and treats, and they will tell you in their own ways. I've tested all of my riding skills multiple times in the local horse show Reins hosts every June, even going as far as entering into the American Quarter Horse Congress, winning reserve champion in the hunter under saddle my second time. 


In late 2020 I was offered the position of Equine Care Coordinator for the South Bend barn. Of course, I took it with no hesitation. It gave me the opportunity to continue learning more about our horses (and horses in general) and how to properly take care of them while still being able to horse buddy and feed. Teckla and Holly are teaching me more and more each day, between feed and medication, to horse anatomy and behavior. 


Riding and being involved with horses aren't the only things I do. I love to draw fantasy creatures and read about fantasy worlds, my favorite series being Wings of Fire and Percy Jackson. I also like to collect rocks and crystals and seemingly random objects, like a letter opener that looks like a sword, dog figurines, and small unique glass jars. 

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