Benefit Dressage Shows
Benefit Dressage Shows
Benefit Dressage Shows
Benefit Dressage Shows

Benefit Dressage Shows

Reins of Life South Bend


We are excited to be the host of our first ever HYBRID DRESSAGE SHOW! Changes have been made to protect our candidates and community.  


What is not going to change: 

  • the joy of having you here,

  • the relaxed atmosphere, 

  • the attention to safety,

  • the arena settings;

  • the professional approach, 

  • the welcoming hearts and open (distanced) arms.



Below please find the new show bill for our upcoming Dressage Show. As previously communicated we moved our June show to July 18-19 date. There are modifications to the traditional settings of the show. We will have two options available to receive USDF judge feedback:

  • Submit videos by July 10 of rides completed at home or preferred location for educational feedback only - no placing;

  • Complete rides at ROL South Bend for placing and educational feedback. Participants will have arrival, warm up, ride and departure times pre-scheduled. The warm up and test rides in the Reins outdoor arena will be video-taped by ROL staff.

  • After all rides have been completed, the videos will be sent to the judges for scoring.

  • Scores and awards will be sent back after a week to 10 days;

  • Participants' name will be put in the drawing for a free class in the 2020 September show at Michigan City facility.

  • The forms and payments (along with current Coggins for performances at Reins of Life facility) should be:

    • mailed to Dorota Janik, Reins of Life, 55200 Quince Rd., South Bend, IN 46619

  • The video requirements and upload directions will be communicated in a separate email.

We suspect that there will be no interest for people to come to our facility twice (for two shows) therefore there will be one show only. However, if you are interested in having more rides counted toward Year End rewards and receiving two feedbacks (two different USDF judges), please let me know and we will try to arrange for that. To receive two evaluations it will require double payment per class entered just like the participation in two shows.


On the show bill there are couple new boxes to check: your choice of day (Sat or Sun) and preferred time (3 blocks provided). We will try to accommodate everyone's needs and schedules to the best of our ability. In the event of the conflict on the July 18-19 weekend, you can mark 'Other' and we will make every effort to provide an alternative time during the week of July 13. Please, contact me back on that too.


Estimated time allocations per individual rider/horse combo: 

  • 45 min settling in and preparation time (arriving, parking, getting dressed, tacking horse, exercising, lunging etc.),

  • 15 min warm-up time,

  • 7 min per ride (per class),

  • 5 min break between riding times,

  • 30 min wrapping up and departing.

We will create a schedule in the way that there will be limited number of the guests at Reins of Life at any given time and there will be limited overlap between parties. 


We are looking forward to seeing/hearing from you! And we appreciate so much your support!

Please, do not hesitate to contact with any questions.

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55200 Quince Road, South Bend, IN 46619     

9375 W. 300 N., Michigan City, IN 46360

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