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Aly Stscherban

Asst. to the Executive Director, Internship Program Director & PATH Intl. Certified Instructor 

How did you learn about/begin at Reins? 

Born and raised in Mishawaka, I unfortunately did not learn about Reins of Life until after college. I audited a PATH Intl. Registered Instructor Workshop and feel in LOVE with the practice of helping others reach their goals while working with equine-partners. 

How long did you volunteer at Reins before joining the staff and what did you do?

 I've been with ROL since Feb 2016 and a staff team member since July 2017.

What do you love most about Reins? 

Frowns that turn into smiles, whispers to shouts, improved core strength and balance... I love seeing riders progress.

How would you describe your experience at Reins?

Transfixing. I'm overwhelmed by the beauty of Reins of Life on a daily basis.

What are your qualities/characteristics/experience/degrees that help you in your role at Reins? 

With a Bachelor's of Science in Healthcare Administration from Indiana University (Hoo Hoo Hoo Hoosiers!) and 4+ years as a team member for a large hospital system, I think I bring a new prospective to ROL.  I also interned with, the state funded health insurance program, HIP. I performed community outreach and served as a resource for current and prospective members in Southern Indiana counties. 

During college and after moving back home I've worked as a hand at horse boarding facilities.

Do you do anything interesting in your spare time apart from Reins?

I love flowers and gardening, hiking with my dog Huckleberry, mystery novels and documentaries. 

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