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Date of Birth:  1998

Size/Breed: 16 hand Percheron/Quarter

Horse Gelding

Served Since: 2013

Donor: Purchased by Reins of Life

Sponsor: Todd & Julie Veldman

Shadow is one of Reins’ biggest horses. He is a 16-hand tall Percheron Cross. Handsome and sweet as he is, he can be rather impatient when it comes to meal time. He will patiently wait for his pail to be delivered, but beware. When he is done with his grain, his pail resounds with rattles and bangs as he lets us know he is done and now demands his hay. Silly horse, patience is not his virtue at mealtime. Shadow is lovingly referred to as a chicken by those who know him well. This is due to the fact that the large purple ball he has walked past 100 times will scare him on the 101st.

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