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Draft and Merge:Simplify common CAD tasks by connecting Draft and Merge. Your designs are automatically updated when you edit your drawings. This new feature is ideal for architects, engineers, and anyone who routinely edits their CAD drawings. (video: 7:30 min.)New user interface and functionality:Enjoy a new navigation experience that places important functionality front and center. New and updated user interface elements are available to make your life easier. In the drawing window, the ribbon is hidden by default.New and updated drawing tools:Enjoy a variety of new drawing tools and commands that enhance your design workflows.New drawing improvements:Make your designs more flexible with object alignment and Pathfinder. Improve your design workflows with new features like document trees, block tools, smart guides, and ribbon options.Revisit the desktop:Customize the way you work with new customization features that make your AutoCAD experience more productive.See what’s newFor a complete list of new features and functionality in AutoCAD 2020, check out AutoCAD’s What’s New section.Make your designs more flexibleWith object alignment, you can use the alignment feature to automatically place objects in a precise, customized position. You can use object alignment to align objects to an arbitrary path, line, or point, or to objects that you specify.Also, you can use object alignment to align objects in two dimensions—vertically and horizontally.The objective of aligning is to match up parts of two or more objects. For example, you can align a cylindrical top part of one object with a cylindrical bottom part of another. You can use an offset option to specify a precise amount of offset—for example, 5. You can specify a shift distance that you can apply to all parts of the alignment.And with the alignment feature, you can make the whole alignment independent of the offset.Use object alignment to place arbitrary objects in a precise location.Image courtesy of Ben BrantnerSee also:Take advantage of the new options that come with alignmentWith object alignment, you have more flexibility than ever before when you place objects. This feature includes many new options that give you the freedom to create designs with complex alignments.You can align objects horizontally or vertically, 2be273e24d