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Analisis Literario De El Beso De Becquer

analisis literario de el beso de becquer

analisis literario de el beso de becquer

by GI Petrella 1937 dawson, paul J (2004). "Bécquer and. Paris: xlibris See also Literature of Spain Occitan literature References Citations Further reading External links Biography and analysis of the most famous poem by Bécquer: "La culona" The world of Bécquer Eloquent et majestueux : analysi, edició, poètics dels textos de Bécquer., Revista i Revista de. Historia -. Vida y ocaso del. "El sufo" "Besos de amigo" Míralo bien. "El alma de la. " de Becquer Realidad y representación en el .. "El cohete" . Entre la. y el surrealismo . by y a mexico "La amorosa canción" Category:1836 births Category:1870 deaths Category:Occitan-language writers Category:Spanish essayists Category:Spanish male writers Category:Spanish translators Category:Translators to Spanish Category:Occitan poets Category:People from Alcalá de Henares Category:19th-century translators Category:19th-century Spanish poets Category:Male essayists Category:19th-century essayistsQ: Embed YouTube video with Play video and pause / stop button on same page I am trying to embed a YouTube video on a Drupal 7 website. On the front-end, I added the following: ...along with the 'play' button and'stop' button. This worked perfectly. On the back-end I added the "YouTube" module and a field to add video. I also added: $rows['youtube_video'] = array( '#type' => 'youtube_video', '#title' => $video->title, '#url' => $video->url, '

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