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Marilyn Steinhiser

Volunteer Coordinator – Michigan City

Marilyn’s curiosity was piqued when she drove by Reins in 2013 and then went home and looked up our website. Soon, she found herself volunteering in lessons as a sidewalker, leader, and event volunteer. She even cleaned the apartment upstairs! The staff took notice of Marilyn’s enthusiasm and she was hired in May of 2015. Her duties include recruiting and scheduling class volunteers and event workers as well as assessing the strength of new recruits at training. Marilyn has always loved horses and kids, so she finds Reins the ideal mix. She loves everything about Reins, but is most amazed by the benefits the riders get from therapeutic riding. She finds the experience personally rewarding and therapeutic. Marilyn remains an active volunteer, helping in lessons, at events, and scribing at the dressage shows.

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