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Date of Birth: 1995

Size/Breed: 14.3 hand Haflinger/American Quarter Horse

Served Since: 2009

Purchased with a grant funded by: The
 Florence V. Carroll Charitable Trust;

 John, Anna and Martha Jane Fields

 Trust Foundation; Stanley A. & Flora P. Clark

 Memorial Community Trust Foundation;  

 Muessel-Ellison Memorial Trust Foundation

Sponsor: Ben & Roberta Zioekowski

One of Reins’ most photogenic horses, Lady, a 1995 Halflinger, possesses the sturdy build and long blonde locks common to her breed. Because she is stocky and on the shorter side, she can work with a wide variety of riders. Before coming to Reins, Lady was a plow horse on a family farm with an owner who had MS—one could say Lady has been a therapy horse all her life.

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