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Boons Gunna Command “Gunny”

Date of Birth: 1985

Size/Breed: 15.2 hand American

Quarter Horse

Served Since: 2008

Donor: On lease from Amanda Bubb

Sponsor: Michigan City Community

Enrichment Corporation

Famous in the Reining pen, Boons Gunna Command, “Gunny,” joined Reins of Life when her owner, Amanda Bubb, began instructing in the program. Gunny competed in reining at the national level, served many years as a broodmare, and worked in a college equestrian program where Amanda met and fell in love with her. Gunny loves working with riders who are

beginning to ride without support and helping them to advance their level of independence. Her list of therapeutic awards is a long one: she was 2010 Indiana Therapy Horse of the Year, 2015 SmartPak Therapy Horse of the Month, and 2015 Indiana Therapy Horse of the Year.

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