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PATH Intl. Evaluators scheduled for this event:

Sandy Webster

Martha Dubensky

*Evaluators may be subject to change without notice*


NOTE: Changes to the PATH Intl. ESMHL certification process went into effect on July 1, 2022. The participants for the event in March/April 2023 must be PATH Intl. Professional Members and must purchase and complete their PATH Intl. ESMHL certification application and digital ESMHL student manual bundle and submit their adult and child CPR and first aid certification BEFORE registering for a PATH Intl. ESMHL Workshop and Skills Test event. Once candidates purchase and submit their PATH Intl. ESMHL certification application to PATH Intl. they will be sent access to the PATH Intl. Standards Course/Exam and the EFMHA History Video which will both need to be completed BEFORE the workshop and skills test event. 


Someone interested in the PATH Intl. ESMHL certification would follow these steps:

  1. Learn about the certification - Visit the PATH Intl. website and read all the information available on the ESMHL page including the role of an ESMHL, steps to certification, the handbook, the criteria booklet, the code of ethics and about accommodations. It is imperative that potential event attendees know all the certification requirements and associated fees including Professional Membership ($100), ESMHL certification application ($125) and Student Manual download ($75).

  2. Join or upgrade as a member - Once you are aware of all the requirements and fees, the next step is to join PATH Intl. as a Professional Member. If you currently have Participating Membership, you can contact the membership department and ask to be upgraded to a Professional Member.

  3. Submit PATH Intl. ESMHL Certification application & payment - Either send the ESMHL certification application (in the handbook) via the mail or email to or complete the ESMHL certification application through your portal (under Credentialing Apps in the green section across the top of the portal). Pay the ESMHL Certification application fee ($125) and ESMHL student manual download bundle ($75) (You can send payment in the mail, request an online invoice or complete the payment through the portal). Once the ESMHL certification application submission and ESMHL student manual bundle payment is complete, you will immediately have access to the ESMHL student manual in the “My Downloads” section of your portal.  

  4. Submit Adult & Child CPR and First Aid - Submit proof of current Adult and Child CPR and First Aid certification to .

  5. Online Standards Course/Exam and EFMHA History Video - Within 72 hours of submitting your application and payment, you will be added to the roster for the PATH Intl. Standards Course and Exam and the EFMHA History Video on CourseWebs. Once added to the roster, you will receive an email with the link, user ID and password for CourseWebs. (Please allow 72 hours to be added to the CourseWebs rosters. CourseWebs is a separate company, not associated with PATH Intl. People frequently misunderstand and think that their PATH Intl. user ID and password will work for CourseWebs.)

  6. Event Registration - Register for a PATH Intl. ESMHL workshop and skills test event directly with the event host site.

To Register, Complete Packet A & B

Questions? Contact Aly Olson


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